The financial dashboard for HOAs & property managers

Keeping your homeowners' association on track has never been this easy!

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Understand where your association is spending

Make more informed decisions by better understanding your association's finances.

One view. All your HOA financials.

Homey is your financial planning software for HOAs. With everything in one place, you can focus on what really matters.

“Homey made a great impact…It’s this kind of an interface that will help make our financial decisions easier.”

Marc Dickow

President, Lakeview Terrace HOA

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Deliver financial transparency

Financial information at your fingertips

From long-term reserve planning, monitoring monthly expenditures to future investment opportunities.

Stay on top of future
risk from every angle

Insurance, quoting platform, coverage visualization—homey does it all.

Get more done without scrambling

Keep your HOA on track—from setting deadlines, assigning ownership to accountability for board members and property managers.

Manage the legal
side of things

Amending CC&R documents through ML and intelligence.

Let’s walk you through it

Our platform is both user-friendly and easy to use.

Monthly pricing

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Keep track of
what matters

Access and store all your essential HOA documents, and stop wasting time searching for the latest versions with our integrated version management features.


Articles of Incorporation


Operating Budgets

Reserve Studies

House Rules

“Homey is hands down an essential tool for any HOA Board. It takes the guesswork out of financial planning and enables the Board to run efficiently.”

Melissa Lee

President, Sapphire HOA

Keep homeowners in the loop all the time

Here’s how homey can be useful for homeowners.

Give them transparency into HOA financials such as spending and saving plans.

Help them gain a better understanding of their monthly assessments.

Share any predictable speed bumps such as special assessments.

Effectively communicate projects, initiatives and tasks.

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Here’s how homey can be useful for property managers.

Easy access to plans, projects and decisions.

Help property
managers prioritize
their day-to-day

Homey is data driven for better
recommendations and advice.

Build creditability amongst PM’s with our high-level platform.

Putting existing reserve study data to work

Don't file that complicated reserve study away, and hope everything will be OK.

Homey's interactive, long-term planning tool will help your association plan for the future instead of reacting to problems.

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Monitor expenses month-to-month

We know how complicated financial monitoring & decision-making can be, especially when reading budgets, general ledgers, and profit-and-loss statements feels like a foreign language.

Replace them with a Homey financial dashboard.

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Run your HOA with our fast, simple and affordable platform.

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